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Why do Stock Images Cost so Much?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I can get a stock photo for $1.99 or even FREE, so why would I pay higher prices for images?” I get it. I also get that there are literally millions of images to choose from at the cheap-to-free price point. Sounds great, right? Perfect. Let’s wrap this up and get a coffee.

Image Trends

Like most things, stock photography and advertising follow constantly changing trends. Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll get listicles of visual trends you should tune into for 2019. Content and style reflect what’s happening in pop culture (think big […]

How to Search like a Pro

Making Search Work for You Deadline’s on the horizon. Nothing seems to be working. You frantically try every variation of keywords you can fathom only to return thousands of dated, irrelevant images. Your patience grows thin as your need for […]